Development of Beeston Park will be governed by a masterplan which sets out the vision for the development and its layout. Based around four distinct neighbourhoods, all homes will be within walking distance of a mixed-use centre where people can access shops, services and in some cases work locally.

As well as setting out the location of principal streets, the Beeston Park masterplan indicates the location of green spaces, schools, workplaces, shops and other community facilities. It will be complemented by the Beeston Park Design Code which provide guidance for each parcel of development, including block and street typologies, designs for movement and parking and some simple guidance on architectural design.


In addition to up to 3,520 homes of mixed size, type and tenure (including affordable homes), the Beeston Park plan includes an array of supporting facilities for the new and existing residents, including land for two new primary schools, up to two community halls, a health centre and a library.


Green and open space will be an integral part of Beeston Park. The plan includes 82.5 hectares of green space – around 40% of the total site area. This will include play and recreational spaces, as well as substantial natural and semi-natural space made available for public access – in particular a new Country Park based in a historic parkland landscape.


The masterplan provides for high street development – shops, banks, cafés, restaurants, pubs, two small hotels and other essential local services  – around the Main Square, a new public space located at the heart of the town.


Beeston Park includes plans for up to 16,800m² of business and employment space. This will include larger commercial space, as well as workshops and studios for small businesses and start-ups, with the aim of creating 1,000 local jobs by the time the development is completed.


Beeston Park has been planned to reduce the environmental footprint of residents. As well as a layout that reduces car-dependence, homes will be built to high environmental standards, water use will be reduced and and reused where possible. 


Transport will be carefully planned to serve Beeston Park and the surrounding communities. Streets will be designed to allow easy walking and cycling. Public transport access will be catered for from the start, ensuring that Beeston Park residents have access to a frequent bus service to Norwich City Centre from the outset.


The project partners have a longstanding association with the area and a shared commitment to create long-term value while leaving a positive legacy.